Vegetable line

Exquisite vegetables for healthy and nutritious nourishment!!

Choose from our variety of vegetables: artichoke, piquillo red pepper, eggplant, zucchini, and green and white asparagus.

  • Remove and peel the asparagus

    It is the same that makes the peeling machine, HEPRO.

  • Manual calibration asparagus!
  • Grilled Pimento
  • Profiling of artichokes
  • Packing frozen asparagus
  • Artichoke washing process
  • Artichoke's passing machine calibration
  • Calibrating machine to the left and right

    Agitator will move the showerhead to ensure washing

  • Agitator

    washing artichoke.


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Vegetable line

Flavor and freshness from our fields to the world.

Grill line

True grill flavor is a favorite!

Fruit line

Nutritious, flavorful and, most of all, delicious.


Quinoa line

Products made with the most complete protein source in a single grain: quinoa.

Party tray

A mix of fresh vegetables with an exquisite bruschetta. Ready to enjoy anytime!


Enhance the flavor of your meal with more varied sauces.


Vegetable line

Quality and pure flavor!

Fruit line

Freshness in each mouthful!


Vegetable line

As fresh as just harvested!

Fruit line

A symphony of fresh flavors in each mouthful!